David Badstubner

Audio Services

David Badstubner is a Producer, Audio Engineer, and Musician based in Portland, OR.  Since 2010 his focus has been to provide the best experience possible to the artists and audiences he has had the pleasure of working with.  His approach emphasizes coaxing performance, highlighting emotional connection, and establishing a comfortable yet effective atmosphere for both artist and listener. When David is not recording, mixing, touring nationally, or teaching courses, you’ll find him running live sound throughout various venues, or cooking with his family.


Notable Accolades:

- The New Mexico Music Awards Best Pop Album of the Year for "Free Range Buddahs EP" by Free Range Buddahs, 2018.

- The New Mexico Music Awards Finalist for Best Rock Album of the Year for "Galaxy" by Treemotel and "Freedom Girl" by Liv Lombardi, 2018

-The New Mexico Music Awards Best Pop Album of the Year for “Self Medicate” by Liv Lombardi, 2013.

- Nomination for The New Mexico Music Awards Best Pop Album of the Year for “Roam” by Elise Marie Southwick, 2013.

- Honorary Department Chair of the Contemporary Music Program at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, May 4th 2012.

- Best Santa Fe Albums of 2012 for “Roam” by Elise Marie Southwick and “Girls EP” by Treemotel and Honorable mentions for “Tabloid Girl’s Future Feature Film Debut in Space” by Treemotel and “Self Medicate” by Liv Lombardi

Notable Venues and Organizations Worked With:

-The Joyce Theatre. NYC

-The Lensic Performing Arts Center

-Maui Arts & Cultural Center

-The Mondavi Center

-The Hawaii Theatre

-Jacobs’ Pillow Dance Festival

-Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

-UH Hilo Performing Arts Center

-The Santa Fe Opera

-The Academy for the Love of Learning

-The Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company

-The Institute for Spanish Arts

-Theater Grottesco

-AHA Festival of Progressive Arts

-Meow Wolf

-The Santa Fe University of Art and Desgin

-Wise Fool New Mexico

Select Testimonials:

”I've had the opportunity to work with Dave on a variety of projects. Primarily, this has been mastering his mixes, but he and I recently shared a control room while tracking an album together. I've also had the fortune of Dave running live sound for several of my bands over the years. In any of these scenarios it is the engineer's job to keep creative levels high, move efficiently and practice patience. Dave has the education and experience to bring these qualities to his work and inspire confidence...not to mention he's simply a pleasure to be around!”

Will Dyar, Owner/Operator at Hills Audio

“David Badstubner is an absolute gem to work with.  His knowledge of outboard gear, plugins, instruments & room acoustics makes him invaluable as an engineer behind the board.  He also has a gift in understanding psychology & sociology which makes the entire recording experience smoother as David helps navigate band & creator dynamics.  He also has made room for me, an artist with a knack for the tech side of things, to spread my wings in the studio as a producer & engineer.  The days of hard lines between artist & engineer are over.  We have DAWs & recording equipment available at consumer prices & artists have become engineers out of necessity.  David is about vibe.  Not about ego.  I look forward to many more creative experiences with this talented man.”

- Tiffany Christopher, One Woman Rock Tour De Force

“Dave is a magician. He has recorded some of the best sounding songs that I have AND he is an amazing teacher. He taught me how to play the guitar, how to record, even how to properly fold a cable. His endless support has pushed me to let go and work beyond my own expectations. He is selfless and has so much love for the work that he does. Over the past ten years of knowing him, I have developed a strong desire for analog recording, I have toured and played countless shows all around the world. His attention to detail is impeccable. He’s the BEST and you won’t regret it if you work with him.”

- Lindsey Mackin, Annabelle Chairlegs

“I found Dave by happenstance. I went to his website and every song he posted was not only expertly recorded and mixed by him, but there was something special about each one of them. It was like he really took the time to learn the watermark of each artist and make sure it came through in the recording and mixing. On that small exposure, and frankly, on a gut feeling, I reached out to him for my first recording and I am so glad I did. I had heard horror stories over the years of artists recording their first album in a haze of frustration and confusion but, because of Dave, I can honestly say that I couldn’t have had a more wonderful experience recording. He had just the right mix of giving me ample space to explore and find the heartbeat of each song and spoken word piece to my satisfaction, and giving me enough direction and encouraging feedback to make this vision come to life. He made the environment feel easy and natural ….while behind the scenes having precision and attention to details to ensure a professional product. He even went the extra mile to set up the recording space so I could see the other musicians while I was playing that created that unique atmosphere of community that you get when being able to play life. He cultivated a true sense of play letting us add interesting instrumentation (tiny piano, anyone?), connecting me with just-the-right instrumentation and musicians, and letting me do songs over and over till I felt like I had got to where I wanted to get to with each song. He also plays the upright bass like a mofo….even though he’ll say he hasn’t played in a long time. His playing also made the songs pop. He even set the stage for the album by bringing in an inspirational image by an artist I later used for my album artwork. Don’t let his laid-back persona fool you, the dude thinks about every little detail. And the mixes…WOW. I am SO HAPPY with how they came out. He’s a genius and I could go on and on, but in short, I’ll say that Dave is a badass AND a stellar human being. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience making my first album and I am so grateful to him.”

- Katie Anne Mitchell

David utilizes the following in his personal studio, The Sun Room:

Monitoring by Dangerous, Focal, and Tannoy.
Conversion by Lnyx and RME.
Microphones by AEA, Audix, Beyerdynamic, CAD, Neumann, Mojave Audio, RODE, Sennheiser, Shure, and Sterling Audio.
Preamps by DBX, Focusrite, Retro, and RME.